Don't Risk Your Staff Safety or License

Green Zone Asset Protection specializes in protecting your cannabis dispensary, Our security personnel are trained to protect against unauthorized customers attempting to purchase your products without meeting the required criteria. Our services help you stay in business without risking your staff’s safety or your license. 

Our Cannabis Goals

Green Zone Asset Protection specializes in the grey areas around cannabis use, legality, and distribution. Our security officers understand the process and ensure your business’s protection and operation follow governmental rulings. Dispensaries typically have large amounts of cash on site from sales, making them excellent targets for robberies. Your employees may not have sufficient training in how to handle these situations, therefore we cover the safety of your assets and the lives inside your dispensary.

  • Highly Trained - our staff are trained on the special needs of the cannabis industry
  • Authoritative Presence - our guards act as visual deterrents to thieves and robbers.
  • Prepared - we understand the risks involved and are prepared to handle any situation
  • Documentation - to ensure that all incidents are properly documented